Technology Training & Consulting

Some of the Topics covered in a Technology Training or Consultation session include:

♦  Assistance to get past what might be holding you back, causing you to “loose steam” with a computer or internet project
♦  Assistance with a proprietary software or computer application you are struggling to make it do what it’s meant to do
♦  Helping you better understand Social Media sites best for your business
♦  Helping you understand WordPress for Blogging
♦  Providing a systems analysis of your business for the best computing and web-based strategies

I know what it’s like to start a computer or internet project with much excitement at the beginning but somewhere along the way, get bogged down.

With my many years experience using different computer applications in many fields, I am your reliable go-to person, to help you get past the drag, pickup momentum and start moving forward again to achieve your goals.

Order a 1-hour block of time for training and or consultation at $75/hour.
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Purchase a bigger chunk of time at a discount! Purchase up to a 4-hour block of time pre-paid for $250 total (works out to $50 savings!).  Go to the page to save more on training and consulting

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