Our Services


Website Development

♦   Design and Create a new custom website
♦   Site will have 5-7 Search Engine Optimized web pages
♦   Site Map Submission
♦   Manual Site Submission to key Online Directories

♦   Free hour-long initial consultation
♦   Help and advice with Hosting options
♦   Keyword Research

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Website Maintenance

♦   For Website maintenance and SEO Enhancement on existing site

♦   Free initial consultation for new clients
♦   Edit Existing Page Content
♦   Add New Pages / Content
♦   Add eCommerce / Shopping Cart
♦   Add Temporary Pages for Special or Seasonal Promotions
♦   Fix Broken links
♦   Update Copyright or Other Footer Information
♦   Keyword Research / Analysis
♦   Manual Submission to Key Directories
♦   Enhancement and SEO for Existing Site
♦   Website Analytics — Reports, Visitor Patterns, Stats, Advice

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An ever-increasing number of web-savvy consumers spend more of their time and money online.

♦  We help you Create a successful online store to promote your product or services and grow your sales
♦  You have the potential of earning substantial revenues selling your product or services over the Internet

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Social Media Support

We can help you to focus and to:

Create profiles in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress

♦   Design and setup of any 3 of these social media profiles based on area of need for the best outcome for your site

♦   Includes a 1-hour consultation, training and Social Media tips

♦   After the profiles are completed additional training consultations can be arranged if needed

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Technology Training & Consulting

♦   Additional services and training you may need can be arranged if you want more hands-on

♦  Understanding Social Media
♦  Connecting With Social Media sites
♦  Understanding WordPress for Blogging
♦  Do you have a proprietary software or a computer application you are struggling with making it do what it’s meant to do?
You started with such excitement at the on-set of the project but somewhere along the way you got bogged down.
♦  I can help you get past what is holding you back and causing you to “loose steam” so that you can pickup momentum and start moving forward again.

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 Digital Marketing

The information superhighway provides huge opportunities for profitting using Digital Marketing.  Leveraging digital channels such as listed below provides huge opportunities to connect with current and prospective customers:

♦   SEO — Search Engine Optimization — increasing traffic to a site by ranking high with search engines

♦   PPC — Pay Per Click — paid method of online advertising

♦   Social Media — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube marketing

♦   Mobile Marketing — Ensuring a website is mobile-responsive to improve mobile SEO

♦   Web Analytics — Google Analytics — Reports, Visitor Patterns, Stats, Advice

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