Importance of Digital Marketing

The Digital Economy is growing very fast. More People are Getting Online and it is getting bigger:

♦  According to, 46% of the world population uses the Internet.
♦  54% of our daily media time is spent online.
♦  Global e-commerce sales were $1.548 trillion in 2015 and is projected to be $4.058 trillion by 2020.
♦  Business spend is projected to be more than $170 billion on online marketing in 2016 and is projected to be $285 billion by 2020.
♦  Global digital spending is forecasted to grow 11% CAGR from 2016 to 2020

The information superhighway provides huge opportunities for profitting using Digital Marketing.  Leveraging digital channels such as listed below provides huge opportunities to connect with current and prospective customers:

♦   SEO — Search Engine Optimization — increasing traffic to a site by ranking high with search engines

♦   PPC — Pay Per Click — paid method of online advertising

♦   Social Media — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube marketing

♦   Mobile Marketing — Ensuring a website is mobile-responsive to improve mobile SEO

♦   Web Analytics — Google Analytics — Reports, Visitor Patterns, Stats, Advice

♦   Conversion Optimization

♦   Content Marketing

♦   Email Marketing

♦   Websites

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To your amazing success online,

~Christiana Augustine

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